Microsoft Office 365

Productivity that follows you

Your time is precious, and to make the most of it you need high-performance software that lets you do more, faster. Cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 solutions from Team Technology let you harness the latest technologies while retaining the comfort of using the industry-leading suite of Microsoft productivity applications that you know and love.

You’ve grown used to the Office range of productivity applications - now you can get all that they offer combined with the power of the cloud.

Our web-based packages allow you to collaborate and communicate more easily with your team, clients and other stakeholders. Best of all, you can easily take all of your most vital documents with you, wherever you need to be to do your best work. And we’ll keep you in business with the latest releases of the Microsoft Office 365 software, with unlimited upgrades and patches included in the single monthly fee.

Team Technology’s Microsoft Office 365 solutions bring you:

  • Fixed costs - with our pay-as-you-go, monthly pricing model
  • Mobility - browse and create documents wherever, whenever
  • Reliability - downtime is kept to an absolute minimum
  • Support - 24/7 assistance if you need it

Best-in-class productivity, with all the benefits of the cloud.

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