About us

Who we are

Since 2005, Team Technology has specialized in network security and systems maintenance. We serve as computer consultants for small-to-medium businesses and augment the support staff of corporations with in-house IT departments.

We're also residents of Whatcom County who love this area and have a passion for solving problems. We want to help your business succeed by proactively monitoring your network and quickly responding to technical issues when they arise. We take responsibility for your technology, allowing you and your staff to work productively and communicate seamlessly. Using proven strategies, we can keep you informed and up-to-date on what matters for the success of your business.

What we do

Team Technology maintains your hardware, secures your data, and ensures connectivity between your systems. We manage networks ranging from simple in-office LANs to distributed, multi-site WANs. We monitor, manage, and support these networks through our Managed Services Program. This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to support your users and computers, and ensures your systems are current and protected with critical updates.

We understand the best practices of the IT industry. From disaster recovery to network security, everything we do is designed with the productivity of your organization in mind. After all, every moment you spend troubleshooting is productivity lost. Let’s work together to keep you running at full capacity by preventing the predictable and quickly responding to the unpredictable.