Do you need a redundant internet connection?

Do you need a redundant internet connection?

Redundancy is important

As humans, we are born with two of a lot of things (like kidneys) for that very reason.

As cloud computing becomes more critical to business operations, a redundant internet connection is increasingly considered a necessity in business applications. But this decision is often encouraged by data that looks at averages across a broad spectrum of businesses and highlights this data as an ever-present threat.

While this information is helpful, it is too impersonal to serve as the only input you use for decision-making.

The cost of downtime

One of the popular estimates is that the average company loses over $300,000 per hour. This certainly makes a redundant internet connection a smart choice, if true.

So how do you know?

An easy way to determine this cost is with a downtime calculator, like this one from disaster recovery expert Datto.

Once you know the cost of downtime, you can make a more educated decision about what redundancy options are most important for your business.

Addressing every cause of downtime

If you are researching the benefits of a redundant internet connection, hopefully you are also looking into disaster recovery. There are multiple causes of downtime, including hardware failures, software failures, power failures, and internet outages. These are issues any one of us would wish we had addressed prior to an incident, rather than right in the middle of it!

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