The vulnerability of distraction

The vulnerability of distraction

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to manifest, many professionals have been exclusively working from home. This presents new challenges in terms of connectivity, productivity, and coordination.

The opportunity to exploit

What is a crisis to many is an opportunity to others. For hackers, the changing way we work and the volatility behind this shift offer a great chance to take advantage of users. Everywhere you look, you can see examples of the vulnerability of distraction. In fact, employee distraction is one of the biggest vulnerabilities of business information. And that was the case long before people had to adjust to a new way of working in a world whose attention is currently preoccupied by a global pandemic

Phishing is on the rise. These fake emails transport harmful software, including the recently released Maze ransomware, onto unsuspecting computers. And millions of people are still waiting for their economic impact payments. So criminals are also using text and phone call scams to take advantage of the crisis.

Remember: Any form of contact asking you for personal information should be carefully scrutinized or simply disregarded. Examples include a transfer of money, changed password, or locked account. It is always worth taking the time to call the entity using a phone number you know to be real.

Our response

Our security stack is designed to intercept threats to your data every step of the way, and our disaster recovery solutions mitigate the damage of a successful attack. If you are adjusting to a staff of remote users, at least some of whom may remain remote indefinitely, we are here to help. Whether you have questions about the legitimacy of an email, or you want to discuss the best way to secure your remote workforce in the short and long term, we are ready to talk.

Don't let distraction be your downfall. If you have more important things to think about, let us focus on handling your technology. We can help you mitigate the very real and ever present vulnerability of distraction. Contact us today!