How many business apps are too many?

Line-of-business (LOB) applications have changed the way people work, and in many ways these business apps have improved productivity, enabled better engagement with customers, and contributed to a more organized workflow—but at what cost? And how much of a good thing is too much?

Recent surveys have found that many departments run on dozens of different applications, and companies can end up relying on hundreds of apps as a result.

SolarWinds: Lessons for small businesses

It's been over a month and a half since news of the SolarWinds hack started to spread, and the story continues to unfold. Just two weeks ago, a fourth strain of malware was discovered.

While there appears to be much that we don’t know, there are a few familiar themes from this hack that have once again been proven true, and they apply to networks of all sizes.

Why hackers target small businesses

One of the assumptions of small-to-medium business owners is that they fly under the radar of most hackers. It's easy to assume that hackers are looking for the biggest payout by targeting the biggest companies. There are several reasons this is simply not the case:

Corporations are getting their acts together
Spending on business security has more than doubled in the last decade.

Phishing lures

What is phishing?
Phishing is a social engineering strategy that imitates a reputable source requesting sensitive information. And these requests are not always direct. One phishing attack we see fairly often is the Office 365 password reset request. The reset email tells the user that their password has expired, and directs the user to what looks like the Microsoft 365 login page.

Happy birthday, goodbye to Windows 7

Windows 7 is turning ten years old later this month. At the same time, it has just over one hundred days until it will be no longer be eligible for technical assistance or software updates from Microsoft. As Microsoft committed to supporting Windows 7 for ten years from its initial release, this was not surprising.

Security does not have a finish line

It's hard to talk about information security without sounding alarmist. The cost and frequency of breaches is on the rise, and a breach is almost as likely to originate from a system glitch or human error as it is from something more sinister.

Security does not have a finish line.

A complete guide to juice jacking

Smartphones have become such a vital component of the modern lifestyle to the point that we are always glued to them. And as our time with our gadgets increases, the need to recharge them while we’re on the go also increases. When you’re nowhere near your charger and your juice runs out, that public charging kiosk can look pretty promising.